About us

DELTAMEDICA GmbH is manufacturer and distributor of sterile liquid drugs and medical devices mainly focusing on customers like pharmacists, physicians and hospitals as well as wholesalers. Our products are marked by a long german market history since 1960. Thereby brands such as Deltajonin, DeltaMax, Delcoprep, Deltamin and Deltalipid emerged, representing our well-established unique character.

DELTAMEDICA’s brands form an essential part in our huge product portfolio consisting of a large variety of electrolyte solutions, compound solutions for parenteral nutrition, irrigation solutions, local anesthetics as well as antibiotics. A further division of DELTAMEDICA is secondary packaging.

DELTAMEDICA’s residence is located in Reutlingen where its focus is on internal sales activities, marketing, warehousing, quality, regulatory affairs and supply chain management. Smooth business processes and teamwork ensure supplying both our german and international customers in short delivery periods.

DELTAMEDICA owns both a GMP certificate and a wholesale trade authorization and is further certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485. This is ensured by our comprehensive quality management system.

DELTA stands for qualitative products with practical know-how. MEDICA runs for high quality manufacturing and sustainability. Together – DELTAMEDICA – represents long time experience of employees, distinct customer orientation, reoriented management system as well as for qualitative and innovative products.

DELTAMEDICA is a part of the Centec GmbH (www.centec.de), Duomedica GmbH (www.duomedica.de) and Biomedica spol. s r.o. (www.bio-medica.eu).

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