Return policy

1) Returns are subject to our approval. We reserve the right, to destroy returned unsolicited goods at the expense of the sender.

2) Return compensation or exchange depends on the state of the returned goods. Goods have to be returned indicating customer-, invoice- and deliver number as well as delivery date. To prevent damages on transport routes, please pack the original boxes in a fixed transport boxes.

3) Return compensation for returned goods can only be made if

a. goods are in a transportable state according to AMG/MPG.

b. goods still have sufficient durability (i.e., normally with a remaining term of at least 9 months).

c. goods  are packed in  original boxes, not damaged, labeled, pasted, dirty or open.

d. goods are registered for return not later than 3 weeks after delivery.

4) For examination, processing and handling of returns, we take the following deduction from the purchase price

a. 20% for  goods in undamaged original  boxes with a remaining term of more than 9 months.

b. 100% for decayed or damaged goods and incomplete boxes. For this purpose, we gladly provide a declaration of destruction in the amount of the purchase price.

5) Goods not directly purchased from DELTAMEDICA formerly AlleMan Pharma have to be returned to where  they were obtained. There lies also the responsibility for the decision on a possible compensation.

6) Products which are out off trade, but still are sold, will be reimbursed up to 100% (subject to items 1) to 5)) for up to 5 months after notification of with drawal from market.

Return address:
Waren- / Retourenannahme
Ernst-Wagner-Weg 1-5
72766 Reutlingen

Status June 2016

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